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We Have a Winner



This morning one teen posted the name of her WIP on the WAY Facebook page. We are excited to report she will be coming to the WAY conference on Oct. 11th free. What about the rest of you young authors? The contest is over but we would still love to hear what you are working on. Click here to post your WIP.

Do you want to know who will be teaching the classes at the conference? Check out our faculty page here.

Are you going to the teen track at the Castle Rock Writers Conference this Saturday? WAY will be at that conference and will have something special for you.

It’s Almost Time

Checking the date

Checking the date

The WAY – Words and Youth Writers Conference is less than two weeks away!

Check out the courses which will be offered at Course Description.

AND . . .

We have a special offer. The first teen writer who posts the name of their current WIP (Work in Progress) on the Words and Youth Facebook page ( will receive a free registration to the conference. Looking forward to seeing what you are doing.

Course Description

The Hero’s Journey
The Monomyth:
It is called the Hero’s Journey and it can be seen in the lives of fiction’s greatest characters. Yet perhaps the reason we rally round their stories on such a universal level is because it is the Journey we are all intended to live. From the Champions of Ancient Greece to the overcomers of tomorrow, there is one path that unites them all in the pantheon of beloved heroes. This isn’t just some cheesy formula for selling stories. It is the story that most resonates with the human soul—as though the tale is really our own.
Necessary Evil:
In The Art of War, Sun Tzu says that the ability to lift a baby rabbit does not prove great strength, nor does the ability to see the sun and moon display great insight. In the same way, a hero cannot be considered great without the presence of a great villain. Therefore, the antagonist in your story is the most important character because he defines the struggle that makes the protagonist who he is. Do you know how to write a well-rounded, believable, even loveable villain your readers can’t stand? Would you like to learn?

Creating Believable Characters

Even the most thrilling adventure story is only as good as the characters who people it. Good characters, like good people, make us laugh, cry, grow, change, and fall in love. This workshop quickly covers the basics of character development then helps you go deeper to discover what makes your character tick—and your reader bond with your story.

Discovering the Plot

Plotting is a cinch for some and a headache for others. Let’s talk about different ways of plotting your book and discover the best method for you.

Let’s Get Published

Self-Published author Robbie Iobst, Independent Publisher Mike Daniels, and traditional publisher J. Christine Richards discuss different methods of getting your book published. The pros and cons of each method will be discussed along with answering questions to help authors make informed decisions.


Dreading the red pen? Self editing explores all the writing pitfalls authors fall into, including idioms, analogies and cliches. Learn to leave out the danger words and other do and don’ts. Red ink not required.



Author, speaker and mom of four, Paula Moldenhauer has published over 300 times in non-fiction markets. Her first novella, “You’re a Charmer Mr. Grinch,” included in the inspirational romance collection, Postmark Christmas, was a Carol Award finalist, and her first historical novel, Titanic: Legacy of Betrayal, continues to earn five star reviews. Once a public school teacher, Paula loves helping others learn to write. Visit her at

Course: Creating Believable Characters

Richards 200J. Christine Richards, (Chris) editor and vice-president of Written World Communications, finds joy in speaking to and working with local writing groups and nationwide conferences. Her passion is to encourage and support writers, especially new ones as they improve their writing skills and walk the path to getting published. She is the founder of WAY – Words And Youth.
She is a member and former officer of South Denver Chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers and Words for the Journey Christian Writers Guild. As an author, she writes suspense, devotions, short stories and educational materials. Her website is

Course: Discovering the Plot

Mike Daniels has been in the publishing business for the last two decades working with publishers and authors nationwide. As the Great Plains Territory Manager for Four Colour Print Group, Mike consults with authors and publishers with the book production and design. As a publishing coach, Mike guides clients through the publishing process, providing direction, connections and creative insight to reach their targeted goals. Mike is a published author (Living, Loving and Loathing: Modern Rhymes and Limericks for the Romantically Inclined and Humorously Correct). His other accomplishments are: Director of Public Affairs for the Colorado Civil Air Patrol, Editor of Peaks & Planes magazine , past President of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association, recipient of the CIPA Leadership Award and the Ric Simmons Memorial Life Vest Award, current President of the CIPA Education and Literacy Foundation, currently serving on CIPA’s Board of Directors, a contributing writer for A Sheltered Life Magazine, a Rotarian of the Year. Mike holds an MPA in Non-profit Organization Management from the University of Colorado and Harvard. You can reach him at or

Mike will be serving on the Let’s Get Published Panel

Nathan 218N. Paul Williams is a horror writer who specializes in thinking outside the box. The denizens of his mind include a vampire puppet that manipulates its masters, a lycanthropic priest, a director out to ruin his own career, a bogeyman academy, a psycho clown who stands sentinel in the portal between this world and the gates of hell, and a carnival of lost souls found. His other creative exploits include puppetry, songwriting, scripts, haunted houses, short stories, and the general insanity of seeing the world from a completely different point of view.

Course: The Hero’s Journey

SONY DSC Tracy Sockriter, from Elizabeth, CO is the Executive Editor of Written World Communications for Children’s imprints, including Starsongs Magazine (a magazine for children and by children ages 9 – 19). Wife to her knight, Bill, mother of 5, grandmother of 4, she has spent her last 9 years homeschooling her three youngest children. Tracy has worked in ministry both as Children’s Director and Awana T&T director.
She is a current member of the South Denver chapter of the American Christian Fiction Writer’s (ACFW) group and attends Words for the Journey writer’s guild when she’s not blogging, homeschooling or otherwise being the Mom.
Course: Editing


Robbie Iobst is a transplanted Texan, award-winning speaker and author. Her nonfiction work includes the devotional Joy Dance as well as numerous articles, including eight credits in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Robbie lives in Centennial, Colorado with her husband and son. Cecilia Jackson’s Last Chance is her debut novel.
Robbie will be serving on the Let’s Get Published Panel



Why a Teen Conference?

Time to Network

Lots of writers conferences have teen tracks so why should there be a conference just for teens?

Writing can be a lonely job. It is mostly an author curled up with a computer. But I don’t know anyone, even the best-selling authors, who can work alone. Building a network to help is an important part of the writing journey.

This is an opportunity to gather with authors the same age and to start building that network.

So let’s talk networking:

  1. Make writing friends to help brainstorm.
  1. Make friends to celebrate acceptances and share rejections.
  1. Pick the minds of published authors to learn more about writing.

4. Develop relationships with publishers and editors for advice on how to get published.

Check it out


Remember the WAY Conference page is up!

Check out the schedule and the classes.

Class descriptions and bios of the instructors are coming soon. 

Share with your friends interested in writing. Remember the conference is for teens, but if you have 

someone near that age, let us know.


Coming soon

Coming soon

We are excited to announce our first writing conference for young writers. This is an opportunity to hone your writing skills and learn about the publishing world. The morning classes will focus on the craft of writing and the afternoon classes will focus on editing and publishing. There is even a free class for parents to learn about the world of writing and publishing so they will understand a little more about what you are doing.

To register for the conference, Click here.


WAY Writing Conference
Saturday, October 11, 2014
8:30 – 4:00

Featured Speakers:
Paula Moldenhauer
Paul Williams
Tracy Sockriter
Chris Richards
and others

Cost: $40.00 without lunch
$45.00 with lunch

Location: Grace Chapel Castle Rock
935 Evalena Road
Castle Rock CO 80108

For further information or to register:

Way Structure

Starting from the base.

Starting from the base.

WAY – Words and Youth was created as a place for young writers to learn and grow in their writing skills. It is also a place share their writing journey with others.


The structure is simple. We have a blog and a Facebook page. A Twitter account is planned and will be coming soon. Also coming soon is a special event to be announced on Monday.


We, the creators of WAY, don’t want to do a lot of the blogging since this is this site was created for you. We want to keep it simple, but we do have a few rules for guest bloggers.


  1. Any youth are welcome to submit a blog.
  2. Blogs may not include obscene language.
  3. Blogs may not have explicit sex.
  4. Blogs may offer differing opinions, but should do so with respect to the opinions of other.


If you are interested in submitting a blog, email


Watch for the special announcement on Monday.

WAY Philosophy

An Overview

An Overview

The tagline for WAY is “Improving Your World through Writing.”

It only takes a few minutes of watching the news or talking to students in the schools to know there are a lot of problems in today’s world. Our writing, if we choose, can bring light to these problems and help to solve them by increasing awareness.

On the large scale, we can take on major issues. One example is Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin. She saw the evil of slavery and wrote a book to bring awareness to others. Likewise, we can write about the issues facing our youth today. Some of the most obvious are bullying, poverty, depression, and discrimination to name a few. We realize different writers will have differing views on these issues, but writing about them either through fiction or non-fiction, help to create discussion and effort to make changes.

On a middle scale, we can touch the hearts of individuals as they deal with issues in their lives. This one is a little harder to explain because one aspect of a story can help with a problem a person is having. It may be the theme or even one sentence in a book, but that aspect will start the thought process to make one’s life better. One example is something in a book will be the key to a depressed person finding the help to bring them out of their depression.

On the individual level, most of the writers we know have had the experience of discovering the answer to a problem in their lives though writing about the situation in a journal or in a story.

My question to the authors reading this is in what ways have you seen a difference in life due to your writing?

Tomorrow we will talk about the structure of WAY.

Welcome to WAY

Words and Youth – WAY

Starting up the road.

Starting up the road.

The group is coming together. This is generating a lot of excitement for us.

WAY is a place for young writers with the goal of getting published. It includes a Facebook page, a blog and learning opportunities where young writers can share their writing journey.

First, what is the definition of young writers? Basically, the answer is writers in their teens. But we are not rigid on that age. We’re also accepting preteens dedicated to their writing and young twenties who haven’t yet connected with the adult writing community.  A note of semi-apology to all our writing friends in their thirties, forties, and above who still like to think as a teen – you are not included. However, we are hoping you will pass this site along to the young writers you know.

The other word we’d like to define is getting published. For the sake of this group, we’re using a wide definition including traditional and self-publishing, technical writing, blogs, audio and visual scripts. We also want to welcome those who use writing and telling stories to help work through the issues of their lives.

So what is coming up in this blog? Over the next week we will be writing about the philosophy of WAY and our first conference for young writers. Along with some of our speakers for our conference, we will be blogging on educational topics. The bulk of our blogs will be by young writers talking about their blogging journey and on what they are learning.

Therefore, we are looking for young writers who would like to be regular or guest bloggers here. Anyone who is interested should contact us at