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Blessing in Disguise

We hope and pray all are staying safe this morning in this crazy spring storm. We were heartbroken to cancel the April Conference, but are certainly grateful no one is traveling now. Keep on writing. Keep building those characters.


Author J. Chris Richards


Chris Richards has been writing for as long as she can remember and became serious about getting published about 20 years ago. Her debut novel, Shattered Trust, combines her heart for solving problems in community and living as the wife of a police officer and soldier.She is the Young Adult Managing Editor for Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas.

She is a member of ACFW, Words for the Journey, and Writers on the Rock. She has spoken at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference, the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference, Write to Publish, The Write Stuff, and the Castle Rock Writers Conference. She is also the co-founder of WAY – Words and Youth Conferences; writing conferences for teenage writer and holds these conferences about three times a year. Her passion is for helping other writers fulfill their potential.

Chris’ WAY class:Richards 200

Characters can be built from the outside or inside out.

Which method builds the right characters for your story? We will spend part of the class building different characters for your work in progress.

You can find Chris here:




Christmas Writing

Whether you spend time skiing for Christmas break, travel to Grandma’s house for turkey and ham, or if you hole up in a cabin snuggled in your fuzzy slippers by the fire, reading a book and sipping hot cocoa there’s time for a little writing. There’s a smidgen of time for journaling or blogging.Christmas Orn 2

If you have a tradition dear to the family or you’re like me and watch Hallmark Christmas movies for two weeks straight while the kids run around the house like banshees, stay in practice. It doesn’t need to be formal or fancy. Write a thank you note. Write a letter to a high school friend who moved away.

Pick up a Christmas card and pretend to jump into the card and write the “rest of the story”. Or try a different point of view such as “What would it be like to see Christmas from the inside of a snow globe”. Build a scenery for another story you are working on with the landscape from another Christmas card.

Here are a few websites listing Christmas writing prompts or do you own search on Google or Pinterest.





Middle School and Beyond from http://www.theholidayzone.com/christmas/christmas-writing.html


  • Write a persuasive paragraph to convince a skeptic that Santa Claus really does exist.
  • Write a personal narrative describing the best Christmas you have ever had.
  • Write an extended definition of the word “Christmas.”
  • Write an essay that answers the question “What is Christmas all about?”
  • Take a familiar Christmas story and adapt it into a reader’s theater piece. Enlist the aid of friends or classmates to perform it.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper arguing for or against Christmas displays in public places.
  • Is Christmas too commercialized? Write an essay that answers the question and explains your answer.



The important part is to keep writing.


Check it out


Remember the WAY Conference page is up!

Check out the schedule and the classes.

Class descriptions and bios of the instructors are coming soon. 

Share with your friends interested in writing. Remember the conference is for teens, but if you have 

someone near that age, let us know.

WAY Philosophy

An Overview

An Overview

The tagline for WAY is “Improving Your World through Writing.”

It only takes a few minutes of watching the news or talking to students in the schools to know there are a lot of problems in today’s world. Our writing, if we choose, can bring light to these problems and help to solve them by increasing awareness.

On the large scale, we can take on major issues. One example is Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin. She saw the evil of slavery and wrote a book to bring awareness to others. Likewise, we can write about the issues facing our youth today. Some of the most obvious are bullying, poverty, depression, and discrimination to name a few. We realize different writers will have differing views on these issues, but writing about them either through fiction or non-fiction, help to create discussion and effort to make changes.

On a middle scale, we can touch the hearts of individuals as they deal with issues in their lives. This one is a little harder to explain because one aspect of a story can help with a problem a person is having. It may be the theme or even one sentence in a book, but that aspect will start the thought process to make one’s life better. One example is something in a book will be the key to a depressed person finding the help to bring them out of their depression.

On the individual level, most of the writers we know have had the experience of discovering the answer to a problem in their lives though writing about the situation in a journal or in a story.

My question to the authors reading this is in what ways have you seen a difference in life due to your writing?

Tomorrow we will talk about the structure of WAY.

Welcome to WAY

Words and Youth – WAY

Starting up the road.

Starting up the road.

The group is coming together. This is generating a lot of excitement for us.

WAY is a place for young writers with the goal of getting published. It includes a Facebook page, a blog and learning opportunities where young writers can share their writing journey.

First, what is the definition of young writers? Basically, the answer is writers in their teens. But we are not rigid on that age. We’re also accepting preteens dedicated to their writing and young twenties who haven’t yet connected with the adult writing community.  A note of semi-apology to all our writing friends in their thirties, forties, and above who still like to think as a teen – you are not included. However, we are hoping you will pass this site along to the young writers you know.

The other word we’d like to define is getting published. For the sake of this group, we’re using a wide definition including traditional and self-publishing, technical writing, blogs, audio and visual scripts. We also want to welcome those who use writing and telling stories to help work through the issues of their lives.

So what is coming up in this blog? Over the next week we will be writing about the philosophy of WAY and our first conference for young writers. Along with some of our speakers for our conference, we will be blogging on educational topics. The bulk of our blogs will be by young writers talking about their blogging journey and on what they are learning.

Therefore, we are looking for young writers who would like to be regular or guest bloggers here. Anyone who is interested should contact us at WordsAndYouth@gmail.com.